Our Story

J-NUTT is originally from Clarksdale, MS aka Clarksvegas. He's been doing music since he was 15. He was just drawn to it and was a natural at it. It was like second nature. He has a very versatile, hard hitting style, with impeccable flow! He moved to Kansas, and performed around the region creating quite a buzz! He moved back to MS got married and had a son. Focusing on family he put music on the back burner, but couldn't get rid of his love for music! He slowly started recording a few different underground artists, and has been a part of different projects behind the scenes. He dropped a couple mixtape projects collabing with new artists from Alabama. He then linked up with GameBreakaz Entertainment and has many major moves coming up!

He's always been pushed by the urge to be heard and to be different then the monotonous music of today. Attacking each verse at a time in an effort to take Hip Hop back to the yesterday of great meaningful music. He's currently up for Slept On Artist of the Year at the SCM awards. He's been featured on a who's who song of underground talent. Many upcoming shows and mixtapes are in the works that J-NUTT is lending his lyrical mastery to.

J-NUTT is basically finished with an album that you MUST hear! Great songs and production from the Alabama legend Sam Peezy. He's definitely an artist to watch out for! He's also working on a GBE project that is going to be insane! He's definitely on the right track to leaving a legacy he and his son can be proud of! Just watch what he does next! You can contact him for features, shows, or anything else here on the CONTACT part of the site! Let us know what you think and make sure to get music and join the mailing list while you're here!